Tonight is the first day of varsity basketball tryouts and, while I played competitive basketball every season for almost 20 years, this will be my first go-of-it as a coach.

After a nearly 10 year break from the game (besides low-quality men’s leagues), this will be my first time stepping back into the gym for organized, competitive basketball and I’m blessed enough to do it for my high school alma mater, working as an assistant coach for my brother.

Being away from the game and having never been on the coaching side, I’ve been feeling a little anxious and got that same can’t-sleep-feeling that I had as a player.

Anxiety is something that is an ever growing topic for younger and younger people these days but I personally love the feeling.
I embrace it.

I don’t recall where I heard it but something that I think about whenever I have butterflies or am feeling anxious for something good or bad, is that it is just your body’s way of giving you extra super powers for a situation that it feels like you need it.

It’s up to you whether you harness those super powers or let them derail you.

I’m excited and grateful to be able to step into such a great situation for my first go at coaching.

The AD, school administration, players, and my brother, the head coach, have made this an easy month of open gyms and transition into the world of coaching.

Why I’m Building This Site

Like I do with everything that I touch, I plan to give this website every ounce of my effort.

I intend on making By Coach, For Coach the single greatest resource in the world for coaches. In my few months of lead time up to being an actual coach, I’ve spent countless hours researching drills, plays, and coaching “how-tos” and, frankly, have been disappointed with what I’ve found.

Is there good information for coaches out there?

You bet.

The problem is that it’s disorganized, found on countless different websites and, while 2% of the information is great, you have to dig through 98% of junk to find it.

On top of that, much of the “good” training costs a small fortune or at least more than I can afford to spend.

While I can’t pretend to be among the best coaches and trainers out there, I hope to inspire coaching beginners and experts alike by sharing my own story of coaching growth.

Like you, I will learn along the way by failure and through seeking out the best coaches in the world (if you’re a coach and produce a lot of great content, shoot me an email!).

From seasoned coaches to the those like me, stepping into day #1, I hope that your first day of tryouts this season is a success.

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. – John Wooden


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